Its been a while since I posted something personal here (see previous post here)  We’ve learned, grown and have been blessed so much with Leah in our lives. Its only been six months, but never have I cherished so many memorable moments with family & friends in such a short time. Its been amazing! So Im sharing some snaps  to celebrate her, and the joy she brings Lucile and I 🙂 Happy 6 months..

Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0006 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0003 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0005 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_00087 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0011Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0007 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0012Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0010 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0004 Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0002Leah-Wayne-Sylvester-Wedding-Photographer-Cape Town_0009