What a blessed year this was, and only fitting for my last post for 2013 to be about how my life will change in 2014. Lucile and I walked a long road together, with so many wonderful memories treasured. Soon we will be adding a little member to our family and I cant put to words how grateful and happy we are.  Thank you Lucile for the superwoman you are. xxx

I would like to wish my family, friends and clients a wonderful and safe new years celebration, and a blessed 2014.

Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0001 Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0003 Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0002 Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0008 Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0004 Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0005 Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0007Lucile-Maternity-Wayne-Sylvester-Photographer-Cape Town_0006